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MP3 Master - P2P File Sharing, CD Ripper, MP3 CD Burner and MP3 Converter

MP3 Master - P2P File Sharing Software

MP3 Master provides you with the best file sharing software on the market giving you access to any music, any artist, any time. Never again worry about losing your service or having music blocked. Rock, Oldies, Rap, New Age, Christian, Country, Comedy, Sound Effects.... You can even download movies, software, games and more. If music is your passion, then you'll absolutely love this software which also features an MP3 CD Burner, CD Ripper, MP3 Converter and Sound Recorder.

MP3 Master Features

MP3 Master is a comprehensive MP3 suite of features including:

P2P File Sharing

Simultaneously integrate up to 10 P2P file sharing programs. Comes with WinMx into the MP3 Master and links to over 150 other peer to peer file sharing agents.

MP3 CD Burner - Burn MP3 and Audio CDs

Drag and drop the songs into the CD burning window or designate what playlist you want to burn and hit the button telling it what kind of CD to burn. Automatically converts your files for you so there is no complicated processes involved in burning a CD.

CD Ripper - Rip CDs into MP3, Wav, WMA or Ogg.

Do you have CDs that you wish to turn into MP3s to share or make compilation CDs with? Just simply pop in your CD,  and it will go to the internet and tell you the song names, artist, and album of the tracks, tell it what format you want to turn it into. (MP3, WAV, WMA, or OGG) and hit the rip button. It will even name the files for you!

MP3 Converter - Convert to MP3, Wav, WMA and Ogg

Easily and quickly convert your audio files between WAV, WMA, Ogg and MP3 format.

Sound Recorder - Record your LPs, Cassettes, Audio streams and Microphone

MP3 Master lets your record from your sound card, audio cassettes MP3 Master Screenshotplayer, LPs, Microphone, or other input device to your sound card. Turn your recordings into MP3 or CD. Burn your old record or cassette collection on to CD. 

MP3 Organizer and Library

MP3 Master will scan your PC searching for your music files. It will then allow you to move them to the centralized Media Bank for ease of use. From the media bank you can do whatever you want to that music. Play it, burn it, convert it, rename it, edit IDV3 tags, and much more.

Customer and Technical Support

  • Responsive Email Customer support from 9AM to Midnight EST
  • Full technical support and tutorials to get you going

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