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An MP3 converter, or in actual fact any sort of audio converter is the process of converting from one audio format to another.  Software to convert a WAV to MP3 is called an MP3 encoder while converting from an MP3 to WAV is called an MP3 decoder.  Converting to WAV, which is a large, uncompressed audio file, allows your music to be burned to CD. Typically, this process happens on the fly when you are burning CDs.  The purpose of converting to an audio format like MP3 is to compress your songs therefore saving you a lot of hard drive space while maintaining high quality sound files.

Advanced WMA Workshop

Music has the power to move you...

Advanced WMA Workshop - Convert your WMA and MP3s!

Advanced WMA Workshop is a WMA converter that has been nicely developed for ease of use. Convert WMA to MP3, Ogg or Wav and convert your MP3 to WMA and Wav. In addition, Advanced WMA Workshop is also a CD ripper that allows you to make perfect digital audio copies of your CDs to WMA or MP3. 


Learn More about Advanced WMA Workshop :: Download Advanced WMA Workshop

Audio Convert

Do you want complete control over your MP3 software?

Audio Convert - Rip and Convert your MP3, WMA, Wav and Ogg Audio Files

Audio Convert is a professional Wav, WMA, Ogg and MP3 converter, CD ripper, and MP3 sound editor.  This program is pretty easy to use and is nicely laid out. What makes this MP3 software unique is that you can transform your MP3 audio files meaning you can add effects like delay, phaser, reverse, fade and vibrato.  A great feature if you want to make add a unique touch to your MP3s and Wav files.


Learn More about Audio Convert :: Download Audio Convert

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