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Comparison of Acoustica Mixcraft to MP3 Audio Mixer

MP3 Audio Mixer
Download Mixcraft Mixcraft
Basic sound engine mixing capabilities Can be rough when mixing sounds with different sample rates, imports 8khz->48khz, 8,16 bit stereo sounds. (Engine built in 1998) Anti-aliasing, 32 bit floating point mixing, supports 8Khz->192khz, 8,16,32 bits, 32 bit floats, stereo sounds.  (Top of the line engine built in 2004.)
Recommended CPU PII-400 Mhz, 64 MB Ram PIII-700 Mhz, 128 MB Ram
Sound Groups Supports hierarchical Sound Groups Can import Sound Groups, but does not support Sound Groups nesting.
Rate control Has rate envelope which allows you to change the playback rate of a sound over time. Has a single playback flat rate setting for each sound.
Effects None 6 built in effects: EQ, Reverb, Delay/Echo, Chorus, Flanger and Compressor.   Can have an "effect chain" for each track + global effects
Tracks Tracks are basically placeholders for organizational purpose Tracks have pan, volume, muting and soloing functionality.  Each track also has its own "effect chain" of multiple effects.
Looping Can loop, but requires an external sound editor to perfect loop Built in looping tool which allows you to loop a section of any sound.
Meters Recording meters. Playback and recording meters.
Envelopes Volume, Pan & Rate Volume, Pan, Low Pass, High Pass & Resonance
Autocross fading None Drag and drop cross fading
Other   Wave display dialog, master global volume
Price $24.95 $64.95


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