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Acoustica Spin It Again - Record your LPs and cassettes to CD or MP3. Remove clicks, pops and tape noise!

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Remember all those 'oldies but goodies'? They just don't make those classic vinyl LPs and cassette tapes on CD. Do you have a collection of LPs, 45's, 33's or 78's sitting in a box or stuck by your stereo? Can't play them in your car or stereo? In addition, as time goes on, the audio quality of your records will degrade. You'll need to archive them soon before they become unsalvageable.

Acoustica's new software, Spin It Again™, can easily record vinyl LP to CD or cassette to CD. Not only will this software make the whole recording and track dividing process easy, it will also dramatically clean your recordings by getting rid of click and pop record noise, or by removing hiss and hum off old cassettes. You can also record your LP collection and cassettes to your iPod or portable MP3 player! So let your music come to life and Spin-It-Again™!

Clean Up Scratchy Vinyl LP Records!

Take the first LP off your old stack and put it on your record player. Click "Record". Put the needle on the record and the software will automatically record. When side one is done, the friendly voice assistant will ask you if you want to record side two.  When you are done recording, just click "Stop". The software will automatically trim out the silence and split your recording into tracks!

Remove Clicks, Pops & Crackle!

The program shines with it's automatic recording cleaning! Just select a cleaning preset such as "Damaged Record 1" and it will instantly remove all clicks, pops & crackles in the recording. The result is a recording that sounds BETTER than the original! If you want to record your old tapes & cassettes, it will remove hum & hiss, as well!

Acoustica Spin It Again Benefits:

  • Dedicated interface to easily record your old cassettes and records. Easily transfer vinyl LP to CD or cassette to CD and even your MP3 player like the iPod.

  • Visual and audio wizards guide you through the recording level adjustment, hardware hookup, recording and editing process.

  • Automatic track detection and silence removal algorithm splits your albums into tracks ready for your iPod, MP3 or CD player.

  • Automatically removes old record clicks, pops and tape hiss. Recordings sound better than the original records or tapes because the user can digitally clean and restore them.

  • Create audio CDs and/or convert recordings to MP3, OGG, WMA, and hi-fi WAV files.

  • Record in hi-fi sampling rates and bit depths and render out to hi-fi DVD audio ready files, if desired and supported. (48khz -> 192 khz, 24 bit audio)

  • Split up previously recorded MP3s, WAVs, WMAs or OGGs into multiple tracks or burn to CD.

  • Burn tracks longer than one CD's worth. For example, if you wanted to record an 4-tape audio book, it would burn it over as many CDs as it needed.

  • Software is dedicated to the task of recording LPs and cassettes. This allows the user to focus on the job of recording their records and tapes, instead of learning how to use a complex recording application.

  • One software does the job - You don't have to learn multiple programs, and complicated editors. Get the job done in record time!

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